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VarioSling® is the quality brand for suspension trainer from Germany.

Among other numerous top athletes, medical health facilities and the largest fitness chain in Europe trust in our quality.

Made in Germany

made-in-germanyOur suspension trainer are actually produces in Germany, developed and tested by a Dipl. Sports scientists. Our production stands for quality and reliability, because your body depends on our straps …more


What is Sling Training or Suspension Training?

The suspension training is a training with your own body weight. With the help of the uspension trainer the body can be brought into many floating positions to work with his body weight against gravity…more

Who we are?

We are a team of sports scientists and we life Exercising. As early as 2010 Variosports began as one of the first manufacturers in Germany to push the trend of functional training products and services...more

Which Variosling® modell to buy?

A comparison of current suspension trainer models.

Recommendation Suspension Trainer

VARIOSLING® – the Suspension Trainer

Home user

If a private Suspension Trainer is wanted for the Slingfitness beginners, then you are right here. Extensive Suspension Training materials provide detailed information. Compare our Suspension Trainer with the function list.

VARIOSLING® – the Suspension Trainer for sportsprofessionals.


This range is for professional Suspension Training coaches provides a basis for studios, personal trainers, ambitious private users and healthcare facilities.

The new VarioSling suspension trainer strap

Even more tear resistant – even safer !

The new V2-strap makes the VarioSling even more tear resistant. Inside the polyester strap a core made of Cordura is woven.

Customer opinions about the Variosling®

We can tell you, but we leave, our customers judge our Variosling®!

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Variosports GmbH

Managing Director: Olaf Peters Eupenerstr.161 Halle 57 50933 Köln Tel. +49 (0)221-54812163

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