Suspension Training FAQ?

What is Sling Training or Suspension Training?

The suspension training is a training with your own body weight. With the help of the uspension trainer the body can be brought into many floating positions to work with his body weight against gravity. Since the suspension trainer consists of non-elastic straps, the body has to work hard to maintain balance according to the position it is in. In this way, the deeper muscles in the core area of abdominals and lower back are especially trained. The training of Sling Training or suspension training are identical, except that the term suspension training in the English language is more widespread.

Where can I mount the VarioSling?

The VarioSling has several hanging possibilities. Fundamental supports are rods, hooks or eyes. An integrated door anchor also allows the attachment on stable doors. Outdoors, trees, branches, e.g. can be used as mounting options.

What suspension height does the VarioSling require?

In the area of 2 m to 2.90 m, theVarioSling can be flexibly attached.

What are the differences to other Sling trainers?

The VarioSling is designed for high training comfort and good handling and is a quality product!

1. The mountingis simple and universal

2. The length of the VarioSling can be quickly and easily adjusted

3. The VarioSling has both built-in handles and leg straps for many exercises

4. It is a German sling trainer with high quality

5. The VarioSling offers a fair price – performance ratio

6. It is very light and takes up little space

What is Suspension Training?

Suspension Training is a word creation from the American language. However, refers to the Sling Fitness Training.

What is the difference between Sling Training, Sling Exercise Therapy and SuspensionTraining?

The training principle isthe sam efor all terms. Sling Exercise Therapyis a form of physical therapy which is used for treatment. The other training concepts rather deal with fitness exercises on Slingtrainers.

Is there a difference between suspension trainer and slingtrainer?

With regard to the actual workout, there area few differences. Mainly, the devices differ visually, through the training and the convenience of transportation.

In what areas can the VarioSling be used as a slingtrainer?

From rehab to high-performance sport, the VarioSling is already in use. The large selection of exercises and variable intensity selection allow a wide variety of exercises.

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