Suspension trainer – info for sale

VARIOSLING® – the suspension trainer from VarioSports.

With a suspension trainer you are able to do suspension training, also carry Sling Exercising (SFT). The VARIOSLING® sling trainer consists of an upper belt with a clamping lock for the length adjustment and a lower strap with handles and loops for training.

With the suspension trainer the stabilizing muscles are trained very strongly.

Therefore, the suspension trainer is mainly in core training to use. Basically you can train every muscle of the body work. Since the body in suspension training is the weight, a variety of muscles is used to keep the body to stress. The difficulty of individual exercises can be regulated on the state of the body. Where tho more your body is horizontal, the more difficult is the exercise.

VARIOSLING® - the Suspension Trainer

Home user

If a private Suspension Trainer is wanted for the Slingfitness beginners, then you are right here. Extensive Suspension Training materials provide detailed information. Compare our Suspension Trainer with the function list.

VARIOSLING® - the Suspension Trainer for sportsprofessionals.


This range is for professional Suspension Training coaches provides a basis for studios, personal trainers, ambitious private users and healthcare facilities.